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Top-Rated Invisalign Dentist in Milford, MI

Exceptional Invisalign servicing that helps patients achieve straight and healthy teeth.

Spacing and alignment issues pertaining to the teeth and jaw have far-reaching oral health implications beyond the simple aesthetic concerns of not having straight teeth – misaligned teeth can make maintaining strong oral health difficult, and can therefore impact overall oral health. Jaw misalignment can also lead to chronic pain or discomfort in the jaw, as well as difficulties with eating and speaking. Our team at Huron Valley Dental specializes in today’s best and most effective orthodontic techniques and treatment protocols, and is able to help patients achieve their best and straightest smiles through orthodontic servicing!

Invisalign is one fo today’s most popular orthodontic treatment solutions with millions of Americans currently enjoying the benefits of this innovative and effective orthodontic treatment. Rather than metal brackets and wires, the Invisalign system leverages a series of clear plastic trays that gradually move your teeth into their desired final position. This process takes anywhere between eight and fourteen months, depending on how extensive a patient’s orthodontic case is, and leaves patients with perfectly straight and healthy teeth! The main benefit offered by Invisalign as opposed to traditional metal braces is their discretion – even at a conversational distance, clear aligners are difficult to detect. They also offer additional comfort compared to traditional braces.

Did you know that braces aren’t just for teens? In fact, millions of adults in the United States are currently benefiting from braces and clear aligners! Especially for older patients, clear aligners are the best orthodontic treatment option as they offer a high degree of discretion and privacy, while also offering exceptional orthodontic treatment results!

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At NYE Dental, we think everyone no matter their budget deserves to have great dental health and a beautiful smile. That’s why we work hard to be an affordable dentist in the area and give our patients different methods for covering their treatment costs.